Along with green, purple is a color I associate with Wimbledon.  It’s used in the logo for the Championships, and there are purple things all over the tournament, from official merchandise to the color scheme used for TV broadcast graphics.  I was looking to use an untried polish, and this one fit the bill.  OPI Funky Dunkey (Shrek Forever After) is a medium grape purple creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  The formula was quite prone to cuticle drag but applied well otherwise; it did not seem that pigmented because of the streakiness, but I got solid, opaque results in two coats, plus touchups.  I love the color because it’s in the same vein as Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas, China Glaze Grape Pop, and maybe even American Apparel African Violet, but I don’t love the actual polish quite as much because it doesn’t have the same exemplary application as those other three.  Considered on its own, though, it’s still a good medium purple creme to have.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Going Green (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.