I’m still on a blue/green kick, and I also realized this polish had been sitting in my Helmer, untried.  When I picked up the bottle, I saw it had completely separated!  But it’s nothing a good shake can’t fix.  China Glaze Bahamian Escape (Bahama Blues, Winter 2008) is a light, vibrant sky blue creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This actually applied much better than I expected from what I’ve read about the formula.  It was a little runny, but I find this kind of consistency rather easy to manage now.  Since it was nicely thick, I only needed two coats for opaque, even coverage.  There are a lot of sky blue cremes out there (and a lot that I’ve tried recently), but this color will always look pretty and fresh to me.  This one looks a little light and powdery, but still so bright at the same time.  I paired this with China Glaze Calypso Blue on my toes.