This time I wanted to do a mani-pedi that better reflects the multicolored-ness of Novak Djokovic’s kit, and I also wanted to have another go at using a crackle polish.  Ironically, Nole won’t be playing at all in the days I’ll be wearing this mani; he’s already through to the semifinals via walkover.  I layered OPI Red Shatter over Color Club Chelsea Girl (Poptastic, Spring 2010), a bright royal blue creme:

Left hand:

Right hand:

Pictures taken in sunlight.  Chelsea Girl applied well; on its own I’d need three coats but for layering purposes (and quicker dry time), two was enough.  It doesn’t cross into true neon territory ’cause it’s just not glowy enough, but it is very bright and dries with that satiny finish as neons do.  Over a blue background, Red Shatter doesn’t look as bright as it appears in the bottle, but I still love this combo.  It really makes me think of Spider-Man!  It looks so much better after applying topcoat; somehow it makes the colors look more defined.  Since this is the second crackle polish I’ve used, I definitely had an easier time managing the formula.  I love the way the crackle patterns turned out, too.  I paired this with Illamasqua Wayward and an accent nail in Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear on my toes.