This seems an unlikely choice for spring, but this color matches Ivan Ljubicic’s kit.  I had to get up early to watch the match but it was well worth seeing him win.  (Little did I know Rafa Nadal would be pushed to five sets later that day!)  American Apparel Hunter is a deep forest green creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; it was very pigmented and I needed two coats for opacity.  The color almost ventures into almost-black territory, but I think it’s just green enough to avoid being mistaken for one.  I think this shade is darker and murkier than your typical forest green creme.   (It makes me think of chalkboards.)  Even so, it’s a great one to have in a collection because it’s so pigmented and easy to control.  I paired this with Wet n Wild French White Creme (Wild Shine) on my toes.