I’ve only worn colors on the warm side of the spectrum so far this month, so I thought I’d throw in a cool-toned color for a change.  China Glaze Watermelon Rind (Summer Days, Summer 2009) is a blue-green glass fleck with teal microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well, but I did experience some cuticle drag, so I used two coats plus touchups for opacity.  The color doesn’t make me think of watermelon rind or fruit, but it’s still gorgeous!  Blue and green make great combinations, and this is no exception.  This has that rich, jewel-toned, teal-peacock thing going on.  Plus, the finish is stunning in both the sun and the shade.  Of course it’s very sparkly in the sun, but in the shade you can see just how saturated the formula is with microglitter.  I’ll say it again, absolutely gorgeous.  I paired this with Urban Outfitters Green 5 on my toes.