Continuing my mission to finally try all the polishes from this collection, I put on China Glaze Raspberry Festival (Summer Days, Summer 2009), a pinkish red glass fleck with pink and red microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; I did three coats out of habit but it was more pigmented so it looked decent at two.  Since the formula wasn’t so sheer the end result looks more solid and opaque than squishy and translucent.  I love red, so I definitely love this; it’s absolutely gorgeous.  It’s like I have ten sparkly, juicy raspberries on my fingertips. 🙂  It’s got me thinking of all the ways to eat raspberries…I’d definitely want to go to a raspberry festival.  I paired this with Essence Everybody’s Talking About (Colour & Go) on my toes.