I’m a sucker for scented polishes.  I also love gourmand scents so I was really excited to get this polish on my nails.  Revlon Peach Smoothie (Scents of Summer, Summer 2010) is a pale peach with peach shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This actually applied pretty well; the formula was fairly easy to manage, but topcoat really did help smooth it all out.  Since it’s on the sheer side, I needed three coats for opacity.  The color and finish are so pretty; this airy peach has a subtle sparkly sheen that just lights up in the sun.  Not only does it look pretty, it smells pretty, too!  The scent is like a very sweet, artificial peaches and cream type of flavor.  I can only really smell it when I have my hands near my face, but I’m glad it’s not an overpowering scent, so it wouldn’t clash with any perfume.  But the scent is strong enough to come through even a thick, quick-dry topcoat like Poshe.  I paired this with Revlon Lilac Pastelle on my toes.