I finally got my hands on OPI Black Shatter (my bottle is from the Katy Perry Collection), and for my first mani with it, I wanted to put it over a bold neon pink.  I was thinking of using something along the lines of Color Club Warhol, but since I just tried that in January, I went for something similar, but just a shade lighter: Color Club Jackie OH! (Poptastic, Spring 2010), an orangey-pink neon creme.

Left hand:

Right hand (Even though it’s not as color accurate, I wanted to show the crackle patters I got on this hand too):

Pictures taken in sunlight.  Jackie OH! applied well in three coats.  I didn’t want to find out what would happen if I tried to apply Black Shatter before the polish completely dried, so I waited about fifteen minutes before I applied it (for this particular mani I just applied it like a regular polish; the formula was similar to a matte polish).  There was some trial-and-error involved, but I got the best results when I loaded a bead of polish on the end of the brush and spread it out with as few swipes as I could.  If the coat of Black Shatter was too thick (either from loading the brush with too much polish or going over the nail too many times), the formula wouldn’t crackle properly.  This was my first time trying a crackle polish, and I think the effect is so cool!!  I love how abstract the patterns turn out, and how the crackling is really different on each nail.  I just adore black on pink, too.  The fact that it’s a neon pink really makes the whole look pop.  I paired this with Milani Fresh Teal on my toes.