I didn’t think I would be wearing a color like this again until the fall, but since the cold temperatures persist, I took a one-mani break from the brights and put on something to match the weather (plus I have Grey’s Anatomy on the brain!).  Sephora by OPI Break A Leg-Warmer! (Urban Ballerina, Spring 2011) is a dark grey creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well in two coats, but it was so pigmented that I could almost get away with just one.  Although it’s not one of really bluish greys, this one is definitely cool-toned.  I have plenty of grey cremes in a wide range of shades, but I think this may be my darkest one!  I love how deep and moody it looks…or, should I say, dark and twisty. 😉  I paired this with Urban Outfitters Blue 2 on my toes.