This is the last of the Illamasqua pastels I’m wearing this month.  It’s a small collection, but it’s been a good one!  Illamasqua Caress (Pastel Nail Varnishes, Spring 2010) is a pastel powder blue creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  Like all the other polishes from this collection, this applied well, especially for a pastel.  I used three coats, but it was more out of habit than really needing it; I probably could’ve gotten away with just two.  Unlike the other polishes from this collection, this isn’t a straight-up creme.  For description purposes I’d still call it a creme, but if you look really, really closely, you can see very fine blue…particles (that’s the closest word I can think of; it’s not glitter or shimmer ’cause it’s not sparkly) mixed in there.  The effect is hardly noticeable, though, especially after topcoat.  Although it still that stark pastel quality, I think these particles soften the look up a bit.  I don’t think I have another pastel blue quite like this!  The shade is more soft than bright; it looks so airy and fresh.  I paired this with Barielle Swizzle Stix on my toes.