I had the time to do some layering today, so I chose the combination of Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau (Pardon My French, Spring 2010), a pastel sky blue creme and Color Club Si Vous Please! (Pardon My French, Spring 2010), a multicolored glitter in a cloudy base:


Picture taken in sunlight.  Take Me To Your Chateau applied very well for a pastel, reaching opacity in only two coats.  It’s very stark and fresh-looking.  Even though it’s such a light color, I wouldn’t call it pale; it’s actually quite bright.  I applied one coat of Si Vous Please!  It just adds a layer of delicate sparkle to the mani.  I have way too many of these cupcake glitters but they are so so pretty.  I think these two polishes were meant to be worn together (although I’m eager to try Take Me To Your Chateau alone next time); it’s certainly a winning combo.  And I think the names are trés romantique!  I paired this with Color Club Rose, I Love You on my toes.