Last February, I really enjoyed picking out polishes with romantic/valentine-themed names (I found out there plenty!)  I have even more to try, so I’d like to revisit this theme.  Diamond Cosmetics Oh, Tiff! (Summer 2009) is a robin egg blue with subtle shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (I don’t know why this photographed that green!  It has a certain turquoise-green tone, but in real life it does look closer to robin’s egg blue, and I tried to pick the photo that had the most blue tone.)  The formula was a little thick but applied well.  I needed three coats for evenness.  It’s not the closest match to Tiffany blue, but it’s in the same general family.  I like the secret shimmer; when viewed in direct light it gives a nice, slight sheen to the finish.  But when out of direct light, the finish looks like a creme.  Either way, it’s a very soft and pretty look.  I paired this with Milani Sweet on my toes.