The 2011 Australian Open is over.  For me, it’s been two weeks of staying up through the night, watching hours of live tennis on my TV/computer (at the earlier stages of the tourney, sometimes two matches at once), screaming at the screen in various languages (both in happiness and anguish), and lots of fist-pumping (not the Jersey Shore kind, the celebratory sports kind.)  At the end of it all, I am so incredibly happy that my favorite player, Novak Djokovic, came out on top, defeating Andy Murray to win his second major title.  I wanted to put on something blue, something special.  Lippmann Across the Universe (Fall 2010) is a navy jelly base loaded with blue glitter and pale blue and turquoise green hexagonal sequins:

Picture taken in sunlight.  For the type of polish this is, it actually applied very well!  The sequins were easy to maneuver.  Due to the sheerness of the base, I needed three coats for full opacity.  But it’s that sheerness that makes the finish look so great, because the glitter can properly shine through.  And that glitter is very pretty!  It’s a rather unique combination, and the sequins are just the right size.  The finish also has this beautiful depth.  The whole effect does look outer-spacey (and a little mermaid-y, too!)  I love that it’s named after one of my favorite Beatles songs.  Come to think of it, this also reminds me of the background of the poster of the movie Across the Universe.  I paired this with Borghese Mezzanotte Blue on my toes.

Since all my manis for the past two weeks have been influenced by the Aussie Open, I have to end this talking about tennis.  It’s been an amazing tournament, both on the men’s and women’s sides.  I loved watching as much of it as I could (and due to the way the time zones worked out, I was able to watch a lot.)  Like I said, I am thrilled for Nole.  He absolutely deserved this title (finally, no longer a one-slam wonder!), after having such a strong run to the final, especially in a dominating straight-sets win over Roger Federer.  I was eagerly anticipating the final; it was shaping up to be an exciting story.  For once, it was a major final without Rafa and/or Roger.  Instead, it was between two guys born just a week apart, who came up through juniors together, and thought to be very evenly matched.  Given that, I think most were expecting a five-set, all out war.  That didn’t happen, but it was an exciting match nonetheless.  Looking downright unbeatable on that true blue Aussie court, Novak played amazingly well to beat Andy in straights.  It was such a joy to watch all the unbelievable tennis, and of course the trophy ceremony at the end.  I cannot wipe the smile off my face! 😀