Between watching the Golden Globes and the start of the Australian Open (I’m so ready for two weeks of sleep deprivation, with Melbourne being sixteen hours ahead of my time zone.  It’s totally worth it. :D), I almost forgot to post my NOTD!  Ilamasqua Snap is a gunmetal metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied very, very well in two coats; it just glided on!  Even though it’s a metallic, the shimmer hides the brushstrokes very well.  I also love the color, it looks totally cool.  Whenever I have to think about what polishes to pair with what, I like to match the colors of the kits my favorite tennis players are sporting.  This usually happens around the slams, when they bring out their new kits.  Novak Djokovic’s night kit has grey and orange accents, so I paired my NOTD with OPI Brights Power on my toes.