I am thrilled that Serbia won the 2010 Davis Cup (in dramatic fashion — five live rubbers!)  I’ve painted my nails red to honor the team.  OPI Color So Hot It Berns (Swiss Collection, Fall 2010) is a bright red creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; it looked okay at two coats but I could see a hint of VNL (I don’t know why this was the case; the formula’s certainly not lacking in pigmentation.)  I added a third to reach full opacity, and I prefer the way it looks at three.  There’s something about the shade and the depth of finish that reminds me of red lipstick.  Very glamourous-looking.  I love it; I wouldn’t expect any less from myself.  I think the name is totally cheesy, but I wouldn’t expect any less from OPI. 🙂  I’ve not been to Bern but I would absolutely love to go!  I paired this with Wet n Wild Nocturnal (Craze) on my toes.