For my first holiday-themed mani of the month (and because I wore Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge for my last mani), I’ve put on China Glaze Moulin Rouge (Specialty Polishes), a candy apple red jelly with multicolored square glitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  Considering the formula (it has that thick and sticky consistency), I didn’ think it was too hard to work with.  It is a jelly formula but it reached full opacity on its own at three coats (it also looked okay at two but I really wanted the opacity with the extra coat.)  An added layer of Poshe made an already-thick mani even thicker, but I felt like it really needed it.  The topcoat not only helped smooth things out, but created depth and gave the overall finish a juicy appearance.  And that juicy look gives it a maraschino cherry vibe.  If RBL Moulin Rouge reflects the sexy side of the Moulin Rouge, this definitely captures the fun, flashy side.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Mint Sprint (Insta-Dri) on my toes.