As soon as I saw this polish, I knew I had to use it for my Thanksgiving mani.  (And in a bit of inadvertent advertising, Burlesque also happens to open today!)  OPI Tease-y Does It (Burlesque, Holiday 2010) is a plum-brown with pinkish-red and gold microglitter:

Picture taken in artificial light.  (I really wish I had some bright sunlight to take the picture in.  I chose artificial light over natural light because the pictures under direct light showed the sparkle off much better, although it photographed a little browner than it is in real life.)  It applied well in two coats.  This polish is downright gorgeous!  The microglitter looks like it’s trapped under a glass surface; it glows and sparkles, creating a lit-from-within effect.  The color is dark, rich, and quite interesting; sometimes it looks more brown, and other times it looks more plum.  I think the base is brown, and the pink-red microglitter is what gives it a plummy tone.  I really love it, and I can’t help but stop and look at my nails.  I paired this with FingerPaints Magenta Mood on my toes.