I’ve mentioned how I like blends of blue and green; I also adore blends of blue and purple.  MAC Rain of Flowers (Jin Soon For MAC Nail Trend, Fall/Winter 2010) is a deep indigo with blue, fucshia, and purple microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well in two coats.  While applying the first coat, I could see the base color looked more purple, but the finished mani has a more blurple appearance (although it doesn’t look as blue as the picture suggests.)  The microglitter does look nice in the sun, but out of direct light, it practically disappears and the color looks like a very dark creme.  That is disappointing but I do like dark polishes and I still think it looks gorgeous and jewel-like.  I paired this with LA Splash Sparkling Fushia (that’s how they spell it, *shrug*) over black on my toes.