This may be one of the least unique polish names, but I don’t mind; the polish itself is a jewel-toned beauty.  NARS Purple Rain (Spring 2010) is a glowy, reddish purple shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (As expected, this kind of purple is photographing too blue.  It does lean red and doesn’t look as royal purple as the picture suggests.)  This applied very well; I did two coats out of habit, but opacity-wise, I could’ve gotten away with just one.  But I think the second coat adds to the depth of color.  This is such a deep (but not too dark), rich color.  The fact that it’s a more red-based purple, as opposed to a blue-based royal purple, plus the red and blue in the shimmer keeps it interesting.  It seriously glows, amazing.  Unfortunately, this quality is not apparent out of direct lighting; I’m glad I tried this on a sunny day.  I paired this with LA Splash Sparkling Rose over black on my toes.