Continuing my theme of jewel-toned polishes, and at the end of Labor Day weekend, I’m wearing MAC Ming Blue (Jin Soon For MAC Nail Trend, Fall/Winter 2010) , a vibrant, deep ocean blue with light blue and red microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied quite well in two coats.  Under low lighting, the color looks darker, almost like a sapphire blue, and the microglitter looks more subtle.  In the sun, the color looks a couple of shades lighter, but just as rich, and the sparkle really comes alive.  (I know that red microglitter looks kind of purple in the photo, but it is red in real life, although it’s more noticeable in the bottle than on the nail.)  Either way, this polish is very, very beautiful.  I paired this with LA Splash Sparkling Stratosphere over black on my toes.