Continuing my weekend of Chanel pinks, I’m wearing Chanel Riviera (Les Pop-Up De Chanel, Summer 2010), a vivid pink creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (The color is actually a little deeper than the photo reflects.)  This applied fine; I needed three coats to get it truly opaque.  I do like the soft pinks, but it’s this kind of deep pink that I like even more with my skintone.  It isn’t one of those super-bright hot pinks, but it is quite bold.  I know it’s not very unique, but I couldn’t resist a polish whose name evokes visions of this:

I took this view of the French Riviera in Nice.  To be honest, I would expect a color named after the Côte d’Azur to be blue, but this works too. 🙂  I paired this with Color Club Factory Girl on my toes.