Nouvelle Vague was the most sought-after from this collection, but I also got the other two and I’ll be trying them this weekend.  Chanel Mistral (Les Pop-Up De Chanel, Summer 2010) is a soft bubblegum pink sprinkled with very subtle shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (The shimmer is not so apparent in the picture, but it’s definitely more so in real life.)  This applied fine; it was a little streaky but not too hard to work with.  I needed three coats to cover up bald spots.  The shimmer is barely noticeable but is incredibly pretty when the light hits it.  There’s gold shimmer and also blue shimmer, which is a unique touch.  That, combined with the color, makes for a delicate, sweet-looking polish.  I’m assuming the name refers to the mistral, which I learned is a regional wind in France. 🙂  I paired this with Color Club Edie on my toes.