Continuing my last stretch of summer polishes before season’s end, I’m wearing a very summery, bright color in this summery, warm weather.  American Apparel Malibu Green (Summer 2010) is a bright, teal green creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (And as I expected, it’s not photographing as green as it really is.  It’s not a straight-up green; it certainly has blue in it, but it doesn’t look that blue in real life.)  This applied very well; it was quite pigmented and I just barely needed two coats.  Well, I enjoy those in-between blue and green polishes (especially if they’re creme), so I definitely love this!  I’ve mentioned “summery” so many times already, but that’s just what this color is.  Seriously, I feel like I should be sitting poolside.  In Malibu, preferably.  It’s probably less hot and humid there.  I paired this with Barielle Grape Escape on my toes.