I enjoyed wearing a soft neon, so I’ve tried another today.  Essie Knockout Pout (Summer 2010) is a light pink (slightly) neon creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (The photo kind of makes this look like an ombre manicure, but that’s just the lighting.  I’d say the color is closer to what my index and middle fingernails look like.)  The formula had decent flow but was a little streaky, so I used three coats.  Just as with Haute as Hello, the bottle color doesn’t match the color on the nail, although it isn’t as drastic a difference.  In the bottle, it just looks like a light pink, but once it dries on the nail, it turns into a bright, flamingo pink neon-like shade.  (I still call it a neon ’cause it dries satiny.)  I’m more used to seeing bolder neon pinks, but I like this softer shade too!  I paired this with Essie Short Shorts on my toes.