I’m still very much in the mood for neons, and it’s still so, so hot here.  Essie Haute as Hello (Summer 2010) is a peachy coral (slightly) neon creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  (In real life the color appears brighter and slightly more saturated.)  The formula was a bit streaky, although not hard to apply.  I used three coats.  The bottle color does not reflect the true appearance of the shade.  In the bottle, the color looks like a soft pastel.  But once the polish dries on the nail, the color becomes darker and bolder.  It isn’t that glowy, but still quite bright, and it does dry to that satiny finish like a neon.  I really like this type of color, it’s so pretty!  Despite its neon qualities, the shade still has a soft quality.  I paired this with Essie Mini Shorts on my toes.