For the 4th of July I decided to go retro.  Barielle Pin Up (All Lacquered Up Collection, Fall 2009) is a bright cherry red with gold shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This was quite pigmented and applied well in two coats.  I usually favor red cremes, but I love the shimmer in this!  It’s a nice twist to this classic shade of red.  And I love this kind of red.  It makes me think of, well, pin-ups, for one.  I paired this with Maybelline Denim Dash (Express Finish) on my toes.

Today I was focused on the Wimbledon final (the culmination of what’s been an amazing tournament!)  I was cheering on Rafa Nadal as he reclaimed the title he couldn’t defend last year.  In the spirit of the All-England Club, I’ve been enjoying this traditional treat:

Strawberries and cream.  😀  It’s a simple preparation; I sprinkled the strawberries with sugar and poured some cream over.  I’ve also made it this way:

I love real whipped cream.  Making it from scratch is super easy.  All you basically need is heavy cream, a bowl, and a whisk (okay, I used an electric mixer.)  YUM.