Neons just scream summer to me, so I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of those this month. Diamond Cosmetics Hot Summer Pink (Summer 2009) is a neon pink with tiny flake shimmer and a hint of a blue flash:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (I’m sure I’ll be saying this a lot this month: this is much brighter than the picture conveys.  That neon glow is hard to capture!)  This applied well in two coats.  The blue flash is more apparent in the bottle than on the nail.  But because of that flash, the shade looks more cool-toned.  This looks really, really glowy, especially in the light.  I think the small flaky shimmer is so pretty!  It’s something I don’t see in most of my other neon polishes.  I paired this with Essie Bermuda Shorts on my toes.