I’ve already worn Diddy Mow, so I figured I’d try its blue counterpart today.  Rescue Beauty Lounge 360 (Surf Collection, Spring 2010) is a teal-toned slate blue with a very subtle shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  (I’ve taken a new photo, on the second day of wear.)  I don’t know what to say about this polish that I haven’t already said about Diddy Mow.  It applied amazingly and was very easy to control.  It’s highly pigmented; I could almost get away with one coat, but ended up doing two.  That subtle shimmer gives an interesting sheen to the slightly dusty, weathered color.  Speaking of the color, I love it; the hint of teal separates it from the other greyish-blues I own.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Gray by Gray (Complete Salon Manicure) on my toes.