I put on another green in support of the Slovenia national football team.  (Edit:  I was hoping it would prove lucky again; it didn’t work this time. 😦  That was heartbreaking.)  Wimbledon also started yesterday, so I’m going a little sports-crazy right now.  Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow (Surf Collection, Spring 2010) is a murky grey-green with a very subtle shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied very well and so easily.  It was highly pigmented; I almost got away with one coat, but I used two to make it truly opaque.  The shimmer is not so apparent in the picture, but it’s definitely noticeable in real life.  It gives a slight sheen to the finish; it definitely doesn’t look like a straight-up creme.  I love these weathered, dusty colors; this is no exception.  I’ve never been surfung but I’d probably pull one of these if I tried. 😉  I paired this with Essie Playa del Platinum on my toes.