I think I’ve found another favorite pink polish (I can never get bored with this color when it comes in such a varying array of shades).  China Glaze Heli-Yum (Up & Away, Spring 2010) is a raspberry pink creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (It looks a little orangey in this picture; in real life it’s more vivid and on the pinkish/reddish side.)  This applied well, it looked fine at two coats but I added a third to make it truly opaque.  I could’ve probably gotten away with two thick coats but I chose to do three thinner ones.  Since the formula was runny I didn’t want to risk flooding my cuticles.  I love this shade of pink!  It really does look yummy (and juicy!) to me, and makes me think of fruit and/or candy. 😀  I paired this with Sally Hansen Blue Blast (Insta-Dri) on my toes.

Here is another picture from outside the Landzeit in Austria.  Well, the focus of this one isn’t really a flower, it’s this little guy: