There were several refreshing brights released in last year’s fall collections, and I’m glad they work for spring too, ’cause I’m only getting around to trying them now!  OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries (Colección de España, Fall 2009) is a bright purplish pink creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well in two coats.  I adore this shade!  Its cooler tone is a change from all the warmer/pastel pinks I’ve worn as of late.  I don’t know if it’s because of the name, or the color, or a combination of both, but I can only describe it as very yummy and juicy-looking (and now I’m hungry :)).  It’s so gloomy and cold out today; I wish I could be eating berries in the Canaries right now!  I paired this with OPI Miami Beet on my toes.

Here is another picture I took in the Valle de los Caídos:

And here is a picture of the huge cross in the Valley of the Fallen: