Poshe is the only topcoat I’ve used since I started doing my nails regularly.  For me, it dries/sets quickly, self-levels, and wears well.  But a couple of weeks ago I was fed up with the shrinkage it gave me sometimes:

(Chanel Particulière.) You can see it clearly on my pinky.  It’s really frustrating to look at my nails a couple of hours after I do them and see this happen.  So this prompted me to finally try the mini-bottle of Olan Labs Quick & Slick I randomly found for $1.99 at a beauty supply store.  I used it on top of Illamasqua Elope:

I had to wait a few minutes before applying this over the polish, otherwise the brush would pick up some pigment.  It did not completely dry/harden up as quickly as I hoped it would.  I ended up having to redo a couple of nails; even though they were dry to the touch, they were still dentable.  I had zero shrinkage and no chipping, which was nice.  However, the surface gets easily (and quite noticeably) scratched/scuffed up.  It’s also not as shiny as Poshe, and seemed to attract dirt easily.  I found myself having to wipe down my nails often.  I’ve tried this just once, and I don’t think I will again.

I was planning to buy a couple of other topcoats to test out, but my experience with Quick & Slick drove me straight back to Poshe.  Turns out its shrinkage problems were pretty much fixed by adding more nail polish thinner, more often.