I wanted to try one more neutral polish before the official start of spring.  OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (Colección de España, Fall 2009) is a pink-toned nude creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well in two coats.  This is such an interesting shade of nude, I love it!  I don’t really wear polishes like this too often but I like this because it’s smooth and opaque.  Again, this could be someone’s mannequin shade, but not mine.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Quartz Chamelon (Salon) on my toes.

I love Barcelona.  The architecture is stunning; I especially love the unique work by Antoni Gaudi.  And I was glad I could put what I learned in my high school Spanish classes to use. 😀  Here is a picture I took of the geese in the cloister of La Seu Cathedral (Cathedral of Santa Eulalia):

I wish I had gotten all thirteen of them in the shot!  I visited a lot of old cathedrals in Europe last summer and each one is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.  When there isn’t a mass going on, there’s a nice, eerie quality to the atmosphere.  In contrast to the conditions outside, inside it’s dark, cold, and quiet.  I like it; it’s very relaxing.