Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland opens tomorrow, so I thought it would sport some of the polishes created for it.  OPI Mad as a Hatter (Alice in Wonderland) is a multicolored glitter packed in a clear base:

Picture taken in natural light.  I’m gonna try to list all the colors of glitter I can spot in this polish: silver, purple, turquoise, fuchsia, aqua, orange, gold…there could be more but I’m being blinded by the sparkle!  There’s also some silver microglitter thrown in for added density.  The formula was good; it wasn’t too runny or too thick.  I got full coverage with three thick coats.  I topped it with one coat of Poshe, which didn’t make it smooth, but I was afraid that with more layers of topcoat, the polish would just peel off.  I suggest waiting a couple minutes between coats/topcoat to avoid cuticle drag.  I love this polish!   My nails look jewel encrusted, and the rainbow of colors is so pretty, especially in the light!  And I like that it’s opaque enough to be worn on its own.  I paired this with FingerPaints Art Dealer Teal-er on my toes.