I’m probably in the minority, but I actually liked Jennifer’s Body.  When I watched it, I noticed her nails right away and wanted to recreate the look:

Being (mostly) pink, I figured I’d do it in February.  I used OPI That’s Hot! Pink (Mod About Brights, Summer 2008), a hot pink creme, and an accent finger in Orly Liquid Vinyl, a black creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  (I apologize for the poor image quality; bad weather and shaky hands are not good for picture-taking!)  It took me three coats to get That’s Hot! Pink to reach desired opacity, but the formula was easy to work with and non-streaky.  Liquid Vinyl’s not the best black but it gets the job done (I’m trying to finish up the bottle before getting a different one.)  I love doing accent fingers!  I’m used to having the different color on my ring finger but I like this too. 🙂  I paired this with Sinful Daddy’s Girl on my toes.

And a little something I did for fun, in the spirit of the movie: