In honor of Mardi Gras, I’m wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Look Rich, Be Cheap, (Spring 2009) a greenish gold and purple glitter packed in a clear base, over Sephora by OPI Charge It!, a gold metallic:

Picture taken in natural light.  I wanted to wear Look Rich, Be Cheap by itself, but I found that the glitter wasn’t dense enough.  So I layered two coats of it over two of Charge It!.  My nails weren’t smooth with just one coat of Poshe but I wanted to avoid putting down more layers of polish.  I love the finished result!  The color is predominantly gold but the purple definitely comes through.  And it screams “jewel encrusted,” very sparkly :D.  I paired this with an unnamed L.A. Girl Flare pinkish purple glitter on my toes.