Okay first I’d like to say sorry for not making a post in almost 2 months. I had no camera so it was super tough to keep up with the blog because with work I couldn’t keep going to Sarah’s house to take pics, but now I’m back in business with an amazing new camera and a ton of new polish too so please accept my apology guys!

I was gonna make my return with my fabulous Colts manicure on Sunday but then we lost and I was honestly depressed so I decided to repaint with the moodiest name I could think of (besides Moody Blue which I’m kind of sick of at the moment), China Glaze’s Rainstorm:

(2 coats with a layer of Seche Vite, taken in natural light.)

I absolutely loved this polish, it was a really cool medium blue that without the glitter would lean towards periwinkle but instead it had this great Aqua Baby colored glitter scattered throughout which took off the periwinkle edge and caught the light wonderfully. I think I liked this so much because it wasn’t a microglitter packed formula where the glitter changes the color of the polish, it was just a different shade of blue that popped here and there when I moved my fingers. Very pleasant xD

Sorry again for my slackage (hehe made up word) and I promise to be much more regular from now on.