I was in the light blue mood after Hanukkah so I went with one of my all time faves, China Glaze’s For Audrey, and decided to do something different and put Matte About You on top:

So I happen to think that matte nails will never be out, because what bad could anyone possibly say about them? “Boooo matte nails are last season because they aren’t shiny!” ? No, it doesn’t work, so if anyone ever tries to tell me that I will respond with “suck lemons.” Anyway, back to the polish, For Audrey is absolutely gorgeous, but the formula is definitely a little thick. I don’t mind thick polish though because I hate three coaters with a passion, and I’m not the neatest polish-er anyway so I have to clean up my nails no matter how perfect a polish’s formula is. This is two coats with a layer of my favorite matte top coat, Essie’s Matte About You.

The only crappy thing about matte top coats is that they don’t self level and they are definitely brushstroke magnifiers, but I’ll deal with it for the high level of chicness.

Can’t wait for my Christmas manicure!