I love sparkly reds, but I think I love red cremes even more!  OPI Vodka & Caviar (Russian Collection, Fall 2007) is a crimson red creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied very well, a bit sheer but not streaky.  The first coat went on smoothly and looked jelly-like.  The second coat deepened the color a bit but I still had VNL so I did three coats.  After three coats I still had the faintest VNL but I was okay with that.  I paired this with butter LONDON Thames on my toes.  I’m a sucker for red cremes; I love the classic look and they remind me of pin-ups, femme fatales, and most recently, this:

I LOVE Inglourious Basterds!!!  (I’m such a Tarantino-phile, can you tell?)  When I saw it for the first time I couldn’t help but notice the female leads’ red nails.  Now I feel like watching it again (if you haven’t seen this movie, do it!)