Today I’m wearing another great drugstore find: Brucci Black Emerald, a blackened emerald green shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; I needed two coats for full opacity/to cover up mistakes.  At first glance this looks like another emerald green, but upon closer inspection you can see some red shimmer.  This polish also has a duochrome effect; when I tilt my fingers a certain way it looks reddish brown:

Picture taken indoors, under a halogen light.  I couldn’t capture the duochrome effect fully (it’s way more pronounced in real life)  but in this picture you can see the red shimmer.  This color is awesome; it’s definitely unique among my green polishes.  I keep moving my hand around to see the duochrome effect in action!  I paired this with OPI Curry Up Don’t Be Late! (mattified) on my toes.