So when I think of this season I obviously think of snow, and we’ve been getting a few flurries so I was inspired to do a snow colored manicure. Unfortunately, the first color that came to mind was Essie’s Great Expectations (Spring 2008 “In the Mood” collection) which is hardly white, it’s more of a light gray, and that’s because NYC snow is never white:

Neutrals and grays are definitely my second favorite after the blue/green region of colors. For me nothing is more chic than a creme gray or taupe, and Great Expectations is no exception. It’s a really cute light gray, kind of like what Sag Harbor would look like without any blue in it, and it has secret shimmer that’s just a tiny bit lighter than the base color, which I always love. This polish is super sheer but I didn’t have any brushstroke problems after two coats so that was lovely. I’ve never really disliked visible nail line but if you don’t like it, definitely do three coats.

Oh, and sorry if I brought back any memories of high school English class for any of you, because I know I was really not a fan of Great Expectations myself 😀