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For my last mani of the year, I knew I wanted to do something super glittery.  Sephora by OPI Worth My Weight (Sleigh of Hand, Holiday 2009) is a fine, warm gold glitter with larger bits of holographic glitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  I was surprised at how opaque this glitter was on its own; it took three coats for full coverage.  It also applied well; it wasn’t overly thick or chunky.  It wasn’t completely smooth with just one coat of topcoat, but I was okay with that.  If you want it to be completely smooth and glassy you probably need two coats of topcoat.  I think the holographic glitter really adds something to what would be a typical gold glitter polish.  The effect looks amazing when it catches the light.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Blue It (Xtreme Wear) topped with Sally Hansen Shooting Star (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.

Na zdravje!


I love to layer over black.  I have a lot of polishes that I would never wear alone, especially with the way my nails are stained. Sephora by OPI Untarnished Image (Sleigh of Hand, Holiday 2009) is a fine champagne-silver glitter densely packed in a clear base. Here it is over Orly Liquid Vinyl:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; it wasn’t thick like some glitter polishes can be.  I used two coats of Liquid Vinyl and one of Untarnished Image.  It dried completely smooth with one coat of Poshe.  Since this glitter is so dense I’m sure it would look great on its own as well.  I absolutely love this combo; it loks like my fingers are encrusted in little diamonds!  This isn’t what I’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve but it would certainly be appropriate.  I paired this with Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything on my toes.


After all the reds and greens I’ve done this month I felt like doing something different.  Sally Hansen Tassel (Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon, Spring 2009) is a warm gold metallic:

Picture taken in natural light (well, as much light as I could get; it’s rainy out).  This applied fairly well in two coats.  Brushstrokes weren’t that bad considering it’s a metallic.  I actually had to redo a couple of my nails because I got some horrible bubbling.  I think that was probably my fault though because my second try turned out fine.  This type of shade and finish isn’t my favorite, so I’m not terribly excited about this polish, although it is pretty.  I paired this with Barielle Make it a Latte on my toes. 


I love mint green!  I think it’s because it reminds me of desserts.  I’m so happy that all these brands have been releasing their own mint green polishes.  Essie Mint Candy Apple (Sweet Time of the Year, Winter 2009) is a bluish mint green creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  Even though I love the color, I didn’t love the formula.  It was still streaky after two coats but was sufficiently opaque and even after three.  I definitely suggest waiting a minute or two between coats/topcoat to avoid cuticle drag.  But I think I can look past the application issues because the color is so pretty!  It’s bright yet soft at the same time.  I paired this with Essie Lollipop on my toes.

I’m on a mission to collect as many mint green shades as I can.  It’s amazing that none of the ones I’ve seen are dupes of each other!  This one falls on the blue side of the spectrum.  Now I am craving a slice of grasshopper pie…

Happy Holidays!


I wanted to do one last sparkly holiday red before Christmas, although this one is different from the ones I’ve worn in weeks past.  Chanel Gondola (Venice Collection, Fall 2009) is a rich maroon shimmer with red microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied very well, it was actually opaque in one coat but two coats really gives the color a lovely depth.  I really like the way Chanel does their shimmers.  When the microglitter in this catches the light it really sparkles.  And this vampy red is a nice break from all the classic red hues I’ve been wearing all month.  I paired this with OPI Glamour Game on my toes.

Not only do I love this polish, I love its name!  I absolutely LOVE Venice:

That’s a picture of me in Piazza San Marco.  Venice is such a beautiful place.  The bridges and canals and the architecture were truly a sight.  And, of course, the gondola ride (with champagne ;)) was awesome.  Probably the only thing I didn’t like was the obscene amount of pigeons.  But I came home with lots of memories and souvenirs! 😀


I was in the light blue mood after Hanukkah so I went with one of my all time faves, China Glaze’s For Audrey, and decided to do something different and put Matte About You on top:

So I happen to think that matte nails will never be out, because what bad could anyone possibly say about them? “Boooo matte nails are last season because they aren’t shiny!” ? No, it doesn’t work, so if anyone ever tries to tell me that I will respond with “suck lemons.” Anyway, back to the polish, For Audrey is absolutely gorgeous, but the formula is definitely a little thick. I don’t mind thick polish though because I hate three coaters with a passion, and I’m not the neatest polish-er anyway so I have to clean up my nails no matter how perfect a polish’s formula is. This is two coats with a layer of my favorite matte top coat, Essie’s Matte About You.

The only crappy thing about matte top coats is that they don’t self level and they are definitely brushstroke magnifiers, but I’ll deal with it for the high level of chicness.

Can’t wait for my Christmas manicure!


Christmas is coming up fast, and now that I’m really getting into the holiday spirit I reached for FingerPaints Evergreen Dream (Holiday 2009), a rich emerald green shimmer with green microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well, needing two coats for full coverage.  I had a bit of a problem controlling the brush so I had to do more cleanup than usual around the cuticle area.  It wasn’t a serious issue though, I was just tired this morning.  I love emerald greens!  This color is absolutely stunning.  Once again, I’m totally getting distracted as I type because I keep looking at it!  This mani, combined with the fact that it snowed a lot last night, is really putting me in the wintry mood.  I paired this with OPI A Ruby for Rudolph on my toes.


I love sparkly reds, but I think I love red cremes even more!  OPI Vodka & Caviar (Russian Collection, Fall 2007) is a crimson red creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied very well, a bit sheer but not streaky.  The first coat went on smoothly and looked jelly-like.  The second coat deepened the color a bit but I still had VNL so I did three coats.  After three coats I still had the faintest VNL but I was okay with that.  I paired this with butter LONDON Thames on my toes.  I’m a sucker for red cremes; I love the classic look and they remind me of pin-ups, femme fatales, and most recently, this:

I LOVE Inglourious Basterds!!!  (I’m such a Tarantino-phile, can you tell?)  When I saw it for the first time I couldn’t help but notice the female leads’ red nails.  Now I feel like watching it again (if you haven’t seen this movie, do it!)


Today I’m wearing another great drugstore find: Brucci Black Emerald, a blackened emerald green shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; I needed two coats for full opacity/to cover up mistakes.  At first glance this looks like another emerald green, but upon closer inspection you can see some red shimmer.  This polish also has a duochrome effect; when I tilt my fingers a certain way it looks reddish brown:

Picture taken indoors, under a halogen light.  I couldn’t capture the duochrome effect fully (it’s way more pronounced in real life)  but in this picture you can see the red shimmer.  This color is awesome; it’s definitely unique among my green polishes.  I keep moving my hand around to see the duochrome effect in action!  I paired this with OPI Curry Up Don’t Be Late! (mattified) on my toes.


I’m still on a roll with my holiday-themed manis!  For my next one I decided to go back to green(ish).  Wet n Wild Morbid (Craze) is a blackened greenish teal shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; I needed two coats for full coverage.  I’m not a fan of the large, unwieldy cap and the insanely short brush but I’m willing to overlook all of that because this color is beautiful!  I absolutely love blackened shades and teal is one of my favorite colors.  The shimmer is absolutely stunning when it catches the light.  What I love almost as much as the polish itself is the fact that I got it for only $1.99!  Cheap drugstore finds are awesome.  I paired this with OPI Festive Fuchsia on my toes.




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