Unlike Sarah, as my nail polish collection grows I use seasonal colors/themes just to make sure I don’t end up using a light blue nail polish (my favorite) every single time I manicure. I decided to use an orange, Nasturtium from Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen (Spring 2009) because Rachael Ray was making pumpkin soup on Thanksgiving in 60:

The first time I used this polish was this spring when it released and I hated it. It looked melon-orange in the bottle but dried much darker, more like a vibrant but dark red-orange creme, and I didn’t think it was suitable for Spring. Now that it’s November I think that the color is just lovely and reminds me of everything Autumn. The first coat goes on kind of streaky but what you see here is 2 thin coats and a layer of Seche Vite.

Maybe now it’s time to figure out what a Nasturtium actually is?

^.^  Jules